Caribou Summer 2024 Menu Launch Merch

Customer Case Study: Caribou Summer Menu Launch

We’re in the business of bringing your vision to life. Our friends at Caribou had a whim to create some fresh merch for an upcoming product launch, and we were happy to make their inspiration a reality!

Custom Trucker Hats

The Need

Employee gifts for Caribou’s summer menu launch meeting. 


Custom Summer Drink Menu Hats

The Solution

The team provided us with inspo photos of custom trucker hats and catchphrases for their hats, and we created a version that captured the essence of their event. The electric blue, clean white, and petal pink colorways for these trucker hats reflect Caribou’s new summer beverages.

Our team put together the hat designs. We went with our new direct-to-film printing method, which allows for more detailed decoration. 


Custom Printed Trucker Hats for Events

The Result

A fruitful celebration! The team loved their cheerful, on-theme caps, which were the perfect accessory for their summer menu launch. Post-event, Caribou’s summer trucker hats continue to generate interest from the public.

In general, branded hats create 3,400 impressions over their lifetime. The ‘Bou Team Members created thousands of free marketing touches simply by accessorizing!


Custom Event Hats

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