Custom Backpacks & Promotional Bags Buyers Guide

If you're searching for the perfect customized bags for your business, you're probably finding it tricky knowing where to start. With Merchology you can get just about any type of bag, luggage item, or travel accessory from all the most popular luggage brands decorated with your company logo, all in one spot. That's just one way we seek to make it easy for you to buy custom bags. Follow along with this guide for even more help on choosing the right bags for your application.

Custom Bags and Luggage Buyers Guide

Popular Custom Bag Brands

At Merchology we're all about your logo + brands you love. That's why we take pride in offering industry-leading brands for every type of bag. Backpacks from OGIO and The North Face. Suitcases from Samsonite and TUMI. Sports bags from Under Armour and Nike. You get the picture, right?

Zusa Brand LogoSamsonite Corporate LogoUnder Armour Square Corporate LogoOGIO Corporate LogoThe North Face Corporate LogoTitleist Square Corporate LogoCarhartt Corporate LogoTUMI Corporate LogoParkland Company LogoTimbuk2 Corporate LogoNike Square Corporate LogoShop Custom Osprey Backpacks and BagsKenneth Cole Corporate LogoHigh Sierra Corporate LogoThule Corporate LogoSamsonite Corporate Logokate spade Corporate LogoRuMe Corporate Logo

Custom Bag Styles

Custom luggage and promotional bags come in a sorts of different shapes and sizes to fit the intended application. There's bags intended for every day use like backpacks, computer bags, and duffel bags. There's bags designed for promotional purposes like totes and drawstring bags. Then there's bags made specifically for travel like suitcases, carry-on bags, and travel bags. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find something that works perfectly for your business here.

Custom Backpacks

Backpacks are far and away our most popular custom logo bag style with our customers. Sure, part of this is because we carry all the most popular backpack brands like OGIO, The North Face, Patagonia, Under Armour, and Nike. However, part of this is also due to the fact that backpacks are quickly replacing briefcases as the go-to choice for everyday use for business and education alike.

Under Armour Black UA Team Hustle 3.0 BackpackZusa Black Heather Structured Transit Pack    

Custom Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are truly one of the most versatile bags out there. They make excellent gym bags or sports team bags when you add a team logo. They also make great promotional bags when you add a corporate logo. Plus, you can fit more into these duffels that just about any other every day bag.

Custom OGIO Duffel Bag with Embroidered Company LogoCustom Nike Duffel Bag with Embroidered Corporate Logo

Promotional Totes

Tote bags make ideal promotional bags because they're affordable, easy to decorate, and can hold all your other promotional products that you might get or giveaway at a tradeshow or conference. They're also frequently made out of sustainable materials like hemp and they make great reusable grocery bags too!

Heritage Supply Natural Red Catalina Cotton ToteGemline Natural Cameron Cotton Mini Tote

Custom Suitcases & Luggage

Custom luggage and personalized suitcases make great corporate gifts for your whole team, especially around the holidays. They also make your suitcase instantly more recognizable from the hundreds of other suitcases when it's on the baggage carousel. Why not show your staff appreciation with some sweet new luggage? 

Custom Logo Travel Bags and Embroidered Luggage

Custom Carry-On Bags

When you're traveling for business you almost always are working within a strict time frame and having to wait for your bags after a flight can be an unnecessary delay that you simply don't have time for. That's where these personalized carry-on bags come into play. They're designed to fit into airline regulations for carry on bag sizes and your embroidered logo will make them stand out from all the other bags in the overhead compartment.

Samsonite Black Xenon 3.0 Spinner Mobile OfficeHigh Sierra Black 21 inch Wheeled Carry-On Computer Upright

Custom Laptop Bags & Briefcases

If you're traveling with just your laptop and other essentials then this might be the bag style for you. Custom briefcases and messenger bags almost always feature extra padding and weather resistance to keep your computer safe and dry. Just the way you need it.

Custom ful Laptop Bag with Embroidered Company LogoTimbuk2 Jet Black Static Closer Messenger - 15" Laptop    

Custom Golf Bags

Did you think that custom bags and luggage were all work and no play? That's not the case! Adding your custom embroidered company logo to a personalized golf bag immediately makes it a top-tier corporate gift or rewards incentive prize for your sales team. You can even add individually personalized names!

Titleist Navy Red Players 4 Stand BagCustom TaylorMade Navy Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

Personalized Cooler Bags

Another bag for the good times. Personalized coolers and insulated bags are great for the company BBQ, a day at the lake, or anywhere else where you want to keep some beverages cold. Smaller size cooler bags are also perfect as an every day lunch bag for work too!

Custom Cooler Bag with Embroidered Company Logo

Custom Drawstrings & Cinch Sacks

Custom drawstring backpacks and cinch sacks make great promotional bags for two main reasons. First, they're super affordable, especially when you order in bulk. Secondly, they typically feature a large and uninterrupted space for your custom printed or embroidered company logo!

Custom Under Armour Drawstring Bag

Personalized Toiletry Bags & Cosmetic Bags

When you're customizing your luggage and travel bags, why stop with large bags? With Merchology you can personalized every part of your business trip from down to fine details like luggage tags or in this case, toiletry kits, makeup bags, and cosmetic kits.

Gemline Light Grey Moroccan Pattern Mia Cosmetic BagOrigaudio Black Fort Point Dopp Kit

Custom Tool Bags

Need a bag that can take a beating? We've got you covered on heavy duty work bags and custom tool kits and tool belts from top workwear brands like Carhartt and THULE. You deserve a bag that works as hard as you do, your embroidered logo is just the cherry on top.

Carhartt Brown Legacy 14 Inch Tool BagCarhartt Brown Legacy 14 Inch Tool Bag

Custom Purses

Personalized purses, clutches, and handbags are also hot corporate gifts and incentive rewards prizes. Choose from top fashion bag brands like kate spade and Kenneth Cole and then add a personalized metal tag with a laser engraved company logo or name.

kate spade Navy/White Hyde Lane Gingham ReneeCustom Kenneth Cole Purse with Laser Engraved Company Logo

Accessories for Your Personalized Bags

Travel accessories work great as standalone corporate gifts or as gifts paired with a customized bag. That can be something as obvious as a personalized luggage tag for a suitcase or something as unique as custom luggage scale.

Custom Travel Accessories

Custom Luggage Tags

Custom luggage tags are a cheap alternative to ordering fully customized suitcases, but they also look great in addition to a personalized suitcase as well. If you're ordering the same cust suitcase for a large group that's traveling together don't forget to order these to avoid confusion!

Leeman Black Voyager Magnetic Luggage TagCutter & Buck Brown Bainbridge Luggage Tag

Personalized Passport Wallets

Passports are precious cargo when you're traveling internationally. Protecting them with a custom passport wallet with your debossed or engraved company logo is always a smart idea.

Samsonite Tan Leather Passport WalletSamsonite Tan Leather Passport Wallet

Custom Logo Travel Scales

There's nothing worse than arriving at the airport only to get hit with an extra fee for having a bag that's too heavy. These custom luggage scales will ensure that you never have to deal with that headache again.

TUMI Black Luggage ScaleBrookstone White Digital Luggage Scale

Custom Packing Cubes

Organizing your suitcase with custom packing cubes both protects your items and makes unpacking more efficient. Another added benefit of using packing cubes is that they help you to not forget anything when you're packing!

OGIO Packing Cube with Custom LogoPatagonia Paintbrush Red Black Hole Cube - Large

What are Some Applications for Custom Logo Bags & Luggage?

The easy answer to this question is getting your stuff from one place to another. However, there are a few ways that you can use custom logo bags and luggage to grow your business too.

Corporate Gifts

Gifting custom logo luggage, backpacks, and gifts is always a good idea. You don't have to spoil the gift by tracking down everyone's size and everyone could use a new backpack or suitcase, especially around the holidays when everyone is traveling.

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Recruiting Events

Cheaper bags like totes and cinch sacks make great promotional items for college recruiting events! Much of your target audience is likely still in school, so backpacks are also ideal for these types of events.

Recruiting Events Buyers Guide

Trade Shows

Same concept applies with trade shows as recruiting events. Promotional bags are also great vessels for all of the other custom swag you'll inevitably receive at a trade show or conference.

Trade Show Giveaways Buyers Guide

Business Travel

If you are planning on taking a large group of employees on a business trip or if you have staff that travels for work regularly then providing custom luggage is almost more of a common courtesy than a luxury. You don't want to just assume that your staff has the right equipment for airline travel!

How to Pack for a Business Trip

New Employee Welcome Gifts

Are you noticing a theme here? Customized backpacks, luggage, and bags make great corporate gifts for just about any occasion, new hire onboarding gifts are just another example of that. Make your newest team member feel at home with a personalized backpack, tote, or duffel bag.

New Hire Onboarding Gifts

How to Customize Bags & Luggage

Our product decoration experts here at Merchology are capable of adding your corporate logo or custom design to products using more than ten different customization techniques. Some of these techniques don't make sense for bags and luggage, but here's a look at the most popular methods that do.


Our most popular decoration method for customizing bags and luggage, embroidery works great because it's an extremely durable customization technique.


Screen Printing

Screen printing is probably the most well-known customization method in the world. We use it for customizing bags less that we do for clothing, but it still is an affordable decoration method for custom bags, especially cinch sacks.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer printing is typically used in place of screen printing when you want to achieve a design with more colors or greater detail. It's essentially an advanced and eco-friendly way of adding a permanent decal to your custom bags.

Next Steps

Now that we've broken down the most popular custom bag brands and styles, given you some ideas on how to put them to work for your company, and shown you how they're customized, it's time to start shopping for your very own custom logo bags and luggage! Don't forget to check out all of our other product buying guides for any corporate apparel and gift needs you have in the future!